Welcome to Technical Documentations for Telco RAN Engineers

Please consider these as guides based on industry experience. You are most welcome to Fork the repo / submit a pull request in case you have improvements in your mind.

  1. Practical LTE FDD Capacity Dimensioning

    This page contains documentation to estimate a cell capacity by calculating overheads using mainly statistics available from the NW. This would result in a slightly better estimate comparing to only Theoretical calculations. I have tried to include the theoretical background as well in order to help the readers.

  2. Capacity Calculator LTE-FDD

    If you only want to calculate the cell capacity without reading the description, then this is the place to go.

  3. Big book of VoLTE and MR-DC Call Flow

    The big book of call flow regarding MR-DC and VoLTE. You are free to use/distribute/modify. I would appreciate if you can send me the modified version as well. It does not include any Vendor provided blocks so all contents utilized should be free to use as well. (3GPP / GSMA etc.)